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Scott the Bee Man is your live bee removal and swarm removal expert, servicing Maricopa and Pima County, Arizona. Whether you've got bees in the house or bees on the property, you need a live bee removal expert who is prompt, knowledgeable, and who is interested in protecting your safety and property.  You need Scott the Bee Man!  We look forward to helping you solve your bee problem. Contact us today! Scott the Bee Man (480) 710-5637.

Don't call an exterminator to remove bees!
Live bee removal
is a much better option! Live bee removal done without the use of chemicals or pesticides protects your health, the environment, your property, and the bees! Don't be deceived by pest control companies masquerading as "beekeepers" and "bee removal" companies.  If they have a pest control license, they are exterminators.  What's wrong with using exterminators for bee removal? More often than not, exterminators do not remove the bees, do not remove the hive, do not remove the honey! Rather, they leave the dead bees, the hive and the honey to rot, attracting more unwanted pests:  flies, moths, cockroaches! A bad situation for you, a good situation for the exterminator, requiring future calls and additional expense.
Real beekeepers don't kill bees. Call Scott the Bee Man, a real beekeeper and live bee removal specialist! Learn more about the difference between bee removal and extermination.

Not sure where your hive is, or if we can remove it?
Don't worry!  We haven't met a bee too mean or a hive too extreme! We've removed hives from every location imaginable: in your attic, your chimney, your eaves, your gas meter, your irrigation valve, your barbecue, your fountain, your birdhouse, your spare tire... There's no place the bees can hive, that we can't get them out alive!
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Yikes! I've got a swarm!
Relax, you've got a couple of options. You can wait it out, or you can remove it! Bee swarms are a natural occurrence that colonies undergo in order to reproduce.  It's not unusual to see a huge cluster of bees that wasn't there when you left for work. Usually within a day or two, scout bees will have found a new hive location and the swarm will move on. Cross your fingers.  Hopefully, that new, suitable location isn't on your property.  Call Scott the Bee Man (480) 710-5637. We remove live bee swarms before they move in!
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What happens to the bees once they've been removed?
The bees are requeened and relocated to one of our bee yards, where they can continue their important work!
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Removal vs Extermination
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Bee and Hive Relocation
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