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Customer Testimonials

Our customers speak very highly of us! Here are a few testimonials...
Frank M. from Rancho Grande
Absolute best! He cares about these bees and loves his work. Fast, efficient and friendly. He will talk with you and really listen and the he'll rescue and relocate the bees so they can continue to do their important work. Scott Yeager is a true professional.

Greg G. from Glendale/Northern
Scott did an excellent job getting a large hive out from underneath our shed. He was very thorough and minimized the impact of the project. He understands how the bees colonize and fixed the problem for good. Very personable and professional.

David M. from Ocotillo Neighborhood Watch
Scott was able to get rid of bees quickly and with minimal mess. I had bees going into my attic area and down into an interior wall. Within 24 hours they were completely gone.

‎Rajesh K Rauniyar‎
Thanks Scott for taking care of Bee Swarm from our lemon tree. When I first texted you I did not expect that you will respond quickly and educate me about Bee Swarm. You are highly professional and good person. Thanks again.

Shelly W. from Twelve Oaks
Friendly and cost effective way to relocate our little pollinators when they get a little too close for comfort. Came out next day and quickly and safely relocated the bees and left a bonus jar of honey! Amazing service!

Sheila L. from Dennis Manor
Dear Neighbors, I want to recommend Scott Yeager for bee removal. He is honest, efficient, hard working, and reasonably priced. He will get those bees and hive out quickly without hurting any of those little creatures. I highly recommend this BEE MAN!

Sharon M. from Camelback Sierra
For hive removal services extraordinaire, Scott at (480) 710-5637 is the BEES KNEES (pun intended...)!!! Expert, efficient, thorough, compassionate, ecological, and well priced, don't bother wasting time calling around as this will be the best service you can find.

Roberta A. from Cactus Corridor North
Scott is amazing at what he does. Successful bee removal and without harming the bees which is so important to our environment. I have worked with him for many years, he is truly the best!

Angie K. from Arcadia SW
I would totally recommend Scott to everybody and anybody in the neighborhood. I’ve had a ton of responses after posting that we have an aggravated beehive today. Many people get exterminators and try to seal it off themselves. That is not going to fix the problem. The bees will come back eventually. I strongly suggest if you have a hive, to have it removed by Scott. ‭(480) 710-5637‬ ‬‬

Barbara L. from Breckenridge Manor
Hi all, just wanted to recommend Scott Yeager for bee hive removal. He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and reasonably priced. He will gently remove the bees rather than kill them, removes the hive, the babies and the queen, assuring a complete relocation of the swarm and/or hive. Give Scott a call at (480) 710-5637 for more information and a quote.