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About Us

Who We Are

Scott the Bee Man is passionate about bees. Scott Yeager has been a beekeeper for many years and knows what it takes to handle Arizona bees. His personal passion as an urban farmer gives him an extra edge when it comes to understanding and relocating bees. At the same time, Scott understands that the safety of his clients is first and foremost.  While he is passionate about saving the bees, he is just as passionate about the safety of you and your family. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of beekeeping and live bee removal, as well as swarm removal. Find out more about Scott the Bee Man here.

What We’re Not

We ARE NOT bee exterminators.  We do not kill the bees, we remove bees alive. Learn more about the difference between removal and extermination.

Where We Operate

Scott the Bee Man provides bee removal and bee swarm removal services throughout Maricopa and Pima County. We have never seen a hive too big or bees too mean.